Plants in Design is the premier grower of pre-finished and in-bloom
Bromeliads and orchids In North America.

Order Form

 Special Instruction
  4" Assorted
  4" Bromeliad
  6" AE Chantinii
  6" AE Primera
  6" Guz Abigail
  6" Guz Ada
  6" Guz Formosa
  6" Guz Focus
  6" Guz Hilda
  6" Guz Indian Night
  6" Guz Limones
  6" Guz Luna
  6" Guz Marjan
  6" Guz Michiel
  6" Guz Optima
  6" Guz Ostara
  6" Guz Pearl
  6" Guz Rana
  6" Guz Switch
  6" Guz Wendy
  6" Guz Zamora
  6" Brom Assorted
  6" Neo Ardie
  6" Neo
  6" Neo Rafael
  6" VR Christiane
  6" VR Spleneriet
  6" VR Tiffany
  8" Bromeliad
  10" Bromeliad
  4" Phalaenopsis
  6" Phalaenopsis

Terms of Sale and Conditions of Sale

Payments. All plants purchased may be paid for by cash, check, wire transfer, or within the terms of sale stated on the sales invoice. We will be pleased to open credit accounts for established companies. Minimum order size is $100. Invoices remaining unpaid for more than 30 days (or such shorter period as may be indicated on the invoice) are considered past due. We assess a service charge of 1.5 % per month on past due accounts. We assess a $25.00 service fee, or the maximum rate allowed by law, for returned checks. The purchaser agrees to pay all collection costs, attorneys’ fees, and court costs for actions brought for collection. Warrantees - We warrant, to the extent of purchase price only, that the plants are true to name and description within recognized tolerances and trade usage. We give no further warranty, expressed or implied, as to the merchantability or fitness for any particular use of the plants. We do not assume responsibility for any cancellation or delay caused by conditions reasonably beyond our control, including, but not limited to, natural disasters, (floods, fire, frost, storm etc.) and human intervention (theft, regulatory acts, strikes, equipment failures etc). Orders are subject to the suitability of stock on hand at the time of shipment. Liability is limited to the amount charged for the plant; this limitation is not modified by a acceptance of a purchase order specifying other conditions. Orders and Cancellations - Pre-booking is encouraged, particularly for large orders, seasonal deliveries, and holiday promotions. Please indicate your desired bloom stage when ordering. Orders are prepared 24 hours prior to shipment. We will charge a 15% restocking fee for orders prepared, but not picked up or cancelled in a timely manner. Plants in Design reserves the right to refuse cancellations within 14 days before the ship date.

Prices. Prices are F.O.B. Miami, FL, unless stated otherwise, and are subject to change without notice. Box charges are $2-$4 ea.

Shipping. Plants are shipped by refrigerated truck whenever possible. Alternative means of shipping include common carrier (whenever outside temperatures make this possible) and airfreight. Plants in Design will not guarantee an order shipped by means other than refrigerated freight line. Special packaging is generally required for express shipments.

Claims and Procedures. Claims due to concealed shortage or improper plant variety must be reported to us within 48 hours of delivery. Claims due to case shortage, damage, delay, freezing, burning, or breakage, must be listed on the bill of lading, and filed immediately with the carrier. The carrier is solely responsible for claims of this nature. Please also notify our nursery within 48 hours of receipt if damage has resulted due to improper shipping. Multiple photographs illustrating damaged plants are advisable.